Vanchem LLC is a specialty chemical distribution and consulting company founded in 2008. Vanchem LLC's distribution business is focused on high purity tin chemicals and is an exclusive sales agent for Oximet S.r.l.

Oximet, founded in 1986 in Sassuolo (Modena, Italy), is a leading producer of tin oxide (Stannic Oxide - SnO 2) Oximet is focused on tailored products to meet the technical requirements for unique applications. Oximet uses only LME registered brands of tin metal.

The company is owned by Ferro Corporation in participation with AVANTIX LLC, both USA companies.

In addition to acting in a traditional sales and marketing role, Vanchem LLC provides technical support in developing products for applications in the industries served.

Our mission is to supply high-quality and custom-designed compositions for demanding high technology applications, provide professional technical support, and develop opportunities for value added products for our clients. For more information please contact us.

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